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New To Yoga?

New to yoga and a wee bit tentative?  We’ve got you covered!

What is Yoga?

The definition of yoga ultimately comes down to the idea of union or balance created in the three basic realms of being, the mind, body and spirit. When you’ve brought these 3 levels into flowing communication with each other, you access a place of peace and inner harmony…You practice Yoga.

Here in the west, we primarily focus on the physical practice of Asana (yoga postures). There are many different styles of yoga from the very slow moving/meditative styles that focus primarily on breath and stretching to the very physical almost martial arts-like structure of Ashtanga Yoga.

We teach a variety of styles at Quest, ranging from more alignment based classes to a flowing, sometimes challenging, Vinyasa style.  All of our classes incorporate the breath and a flowing, thoughtful progression of postures that prepares your body, mind and spirit to go deeper.

Beginner Workshops:

For the brand new beginner, we offer 6 week workshops. These intimate classes are the perfect way to begin your journey in a safe, nurturing and inspiring setting. We guide you, step by step, through yoga breathing, core postures and the flow that links all these elements together.  Check out our upcoming workshops and register online today!

What do I wear?  What do I bring?

One of the great things about yoga is that it isn’t fussy.  All you need to worry about is having comfortable clothing that gives you a full range of motion…and your two bare feet! Don’t fret about not having fancy yoga clothes.  Many teachers happily practice in their favorite sweats! (Frankly, we hope that you won’t have fashionable Yoga clothing – we’d like you to purchase from some of our selections! For more details, go and check out the Merchandise page of this website.)

You’ll need a sticky mat.  If you forget or don’t have time to get one, we have mats at the studio to borrow or buy. Water is good, but if you forget…we sell it.  And if you heat up easily, you might want to consider bringing a towel.

Any other questions call or e-mail or drop us a note! We’re so honored that you’re considering beginning your Quest for outer and inner health with us!


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