Aaron Einsidler

Aaron discovered yoga five years ago after a serious back injury left him with several herniated lumbar discs. At the time, Aaron was a personal trainer, but the injury forced him to revise his personal fitness routine. Aaron’s mother, who is a devoted yogini, inspired him to take up yoga. This seemed a logical, more holistic option to help Aaron to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually from the trauma. Yoga has been one of the biggest blessings in Aaron’s life. It has opened new doors, allowing him to travel the globe to some of the world's finest retreats and learn from some of the yoga’s luminary teachers. Aaron received his 300-hour certification in India through Jivamukti in 2015. He also completed an additional 200-hour certification with Sri Dharma Mittra.  Aaron is passionate about yoga. He knows first-hand its capacity to heal mind, body and spirit.