Adapting Asanas for Moms-to-Be

Yoga teachers who teach to the general population should have a basic understanding of prenatal yoga to provide safe and responsible instruction when pregnant women take regular yoga classes. This workshop is designed to help yoga teachers and teacher trainees to become more familiar with the basics of prenatal yoga and the unique needs of this population.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the changes occurring during pregnancy, common discomforts and how yoga may alleviate them, which asanas are contraindicated (and why), how to appropriately modify poses and ways to adjust your lesson plan to ensure it's both beneficial and safe for prenatal yoga students.

This workshop is the first day of Prenatal Teacher Training for those  who enroll in the 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training at Quest Yoga Arts.

Note: Completion of this workshop does not qualify as a prenatal yoga certification. Male yoga teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Yoga Alliance C.E. credits - 5 hrs


This workshop is a continuing education opportunity for yoga teachers who are not prenatal certified who want more information for guiding pregnant women who attend regular classes. It is also ideal for recent yoga teacher graduates and basic yoga teacher trainees (as a stand-alone workshop, or as a module of basic teacher training).

January 14, 2018
12:30 - 5:30pm
Early Bird: $95$125 (After January 2, 2018)

Pre-registration required.

“My 200 hour training touched on modifying for prenatal students, but I was never completely confident when a pregnant student came to class. Kelly provided so much insight, not only about modifying poses, but about what questions to ask and what poses to avoid. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago!" –Debbie

"I not only learned more than I expected, I gained a deeper awareness and ability to modify for pregnancy. As a teacher, the first priority should be like a physician: to cause no harm. Completely recommend this workshop to all yoga teachers". –Tina