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ChildBirth Education  and Baby Preparation Workshops

We offer a comprehensive class series on an ongoing basis for your convenience in planning for the arrival of your baby. The information covered in these workshops goes beyond the typical hospital-based classes and gives practical, easy techniques, information and options for you to consider. 

You may these classes as a full series, or as stand-alone workshops according to your interests and time.
We do not require you to take classes in any particular order.

Labor & Delivery Preparation Workshops:

  • Essentials for a More Easeful Birth (Part 1) - natural pain management and how partner can help
  • Essentials for a More Easeful Birth (Part 2) - common medical procedures and what to know

Baby Preparation Workshops:

  • Breastfeeding Basics (for pregnant women and partners)
  • Newborn Care Basics (for pregnant women and partners)
  • Infant Massage Instruction (for new AND expecting parents and grandparents)

What Past Participants Have Said:

I used so many of the pain management techniques, breathing techniques, etc. that you taught to us and I couldn’t have been happier with how the delivery went.  The nurse was so impressed by what I knew as a result of being in your class. ~Christa

These workshops helped the stress and fear of having a baby fade away.  The approach to the class instilled confidence in me as a father-to-be, and helped me feel strong and informed enough to support my wife through the birth, and beyond. ~David

I can’t tell you how much the breathing exercises helped me during the pushing part of labor. I was able to push him out after just 1 hour. Also, the pelvic exercises really helped me to avoid back labor. Your practice and all the services you offer are truly incredible. ~Grace

These classes were consciousness- raising. The presentation normalized pregnancy and birth, taking away the fear and mystery that this time can bring.  The specifics of the birthing process were covered, and many pain coping techniques were taught.  I left with with a renewed feeling of empowerment and trust of my body to give birth.  ~Carly

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New Moms' Group

Becoming a mom is a big transition that can sometimes feel overwhelming. During the "fourth trimester" (your postpartum period), it can be helpful to connect with other new moms, share, ask questions, get information and/or support. This group is facilitated by an alternating team, all of whom have experience supporting new moms. Whether you have specific questions, or you just want to hang out and talk, you are invited to stop by with your baby. 

When and Where:
Every Thursday 2:00 - 3:00

This is a drop-in group, but we strongly encourage registration ahead of time.
This is a by donation support group.

Moms-to-be are encouraged to attend!