Breastfeeding Basics & the First Six Weeks


The first six weeks with baby are often challenging but also quite magical as you begin to bond and settle in with your new family. During this time there are many adjustments and changes in body, mind and lifestyle, and at times it can feel daunting. This workshop will help you to navigate these changes and what you can expect during the first six weeks with your newborn. You will also learn how to get started with breastfeeding, the specifics of positioning, latch and how to troubleshoot common breastfeeding issues. Most importantly, this workshop will dispel common misconceptions about breastfeeding (and all those stories you’ve heard), and help you to feel more confident in your ability to nourish your baby. Don't wait until your baby is born to begin learning! You may attend this workshop with your partner, or alone. Recommended for women who are 25+ weeks. Dress comfortably and bring a snack and water. Partners encouraged to attend.


Pre-registration required.

Although it's completely natural, nursing your newborn can be challenging, especially if you don't have all the right information. After taking this class, I understood how important it is to learn about breastfeeding and how to take care of yourself. Being prepared for this time gave me the strength to exclusively breastfeed my son right from the start. –Alanna

About the Facilitator: Kelly Swails, RPYT, CCCE, CLC, M.A. Kelly is the Director of Quest Yoga Arts and Birth Devi Maternity Services. She is a certified lactation counselor, childbirth educator, birth doula, prenatal yoga teacher and mom. She brings extensive experience and practical perspective to her teaching. Kelly has supported over 60 births and assists mothers to overcome breastfeeding challenges. Kelly has 13 years experience working with couples before, during and after birth.