Karla Booth-Diamond

Karla Diamond is a certified Yoga Teacher (IYT) and Senior Alexander Teacher (MAmSAT) with 30 years of experience teaching movement to all ages. She teaches anatomy and assists for a Yoga Teacher Training in New Jersey as well as classes in Westchester and Putnam. Although she teaches a variety of class levels her forte is teaching gentle and restorative classes where the focus is working within one’s limits to gain ease and balance. Her extensive training as a dancer and Alexander Teacher bring a flow of movement to the class as well as a focus on alignment and body awareness. The Alexander Technique is a well known educational method for changing postural and organization habits. Most recently it was written up in the British Journal of Sports Medicine after a study showed that people with chronic or recurrent low back problems improved after a series of lessons in Alexander Technique. Karla completed a 3 year teacher training program in 1990 and has a private practice in Westchester. She has taught workshops in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia and throughout the US. She holds workshops at Quest Yoga Arts on a regular basis.