Paul Cohen

We all come to yoga for our own reasons. One day, when I was in my 30's I was bending to tie my shoelaces when suddenly, I crashed to the floor with severe back spasms. I was in a high point of stress in life and my body had clearly given me a warning. When my wife suggested I take a proactive approach to taking care of myself, I tried my first yoga class. My first impression of yoga was that I was the "stiffest" person in the room and that it was physically impossible for me to perform the yoga postures. I didn't think I had the patience or the body type for the practice. That was the beginning of my yoga journey. Over the next 18 years, I developed a love for yoga and continue to benefit from my daily practice. The overall improvement in my concentration, and range of motion are staggering. The physical yoga practice (Asana) helps my body strengthen, elongate muscles, improve balance, and develop proper alignment. The cerebral aspect of yoga I’ve experienced is in the clarity of thought brought about by clearing the mind of chatter. Meditation for me has created an environment of inner peace. There are additional aspects of yoga, but the initial goal is to feel healthy so we can function at a higher level. All aspects of yoga have helped me achieve my intentions and encourage me to share the beauty of yoga and make the mind body experience accessible to everyone. I've studied under various teachers, I received an RYT-200 certification from Jai Yoga in 2008. I love to teach slow flow Vinyasa and try to include a broad range of poses with an emphasis on alignment. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of Yoga and seeing the measurable improvements it can make in our lives.