Rachel Langus

After a career in film distribution, Rachel found yoga as a way to de-stress and find balance. It opened up a whole new world and way of life, leading her to take her practice to the next level. She received her 200 hour teaching certification from Laughing Lotus in New York City and Brooklyn. She loves the way that yoga connects you to the deliciousness of the present moment, through both movement and stillness,uniting mind, body, spirit, through the breath. A natural healer, and drawn to all things that offer harmony and equilibrium, she also received her Advanced Restorative Yoga certification from Laughing Lotus, is a level two Reiki practitioner, and an aromatherapist. Incorporating all these elements into her classes, she teaches with an intent to encourage mindfulness, self-reflection, self-discovery, self-empowerment, stress management, and relaxation in her students. Rachel also volunteers at Guiding Eyes for the Blind Early Socializing 4 week old puppies and can't let a dog by without petting it. See you on the mat!