Susan Draper

I have been fortunate to have been part of this space through its many incarnations. My daughter's desire to take yoga at age 8 brought us here as new yoga students in 2006 - just after it opened as Sonic Yoga. It wasn't long before we fell in love with everything- yoga, the instructors and this beautiful light filled studio. In 2007, when the owner announced that she was closing unless a buyer stepped up, it rocked our world. In dreamlike fashion we suddenly took over the studio and made it our own - Quest Yoga Arts. Then, what started out as "running a business" turned into much more than a business venture. I completed the Sonic Yoga teacher training and started teaching both adult and children's classes. Most importantly, I witnessed a community developing and the rewards increased tenfold from there. We expanded our programs so that we'd have something for everyone and we, the Quest instructors, saw everything blossom. I was blessed to both work with extremely talented and dedicated instructors and to have the gift of time to practice with a warm and caring community of clients. It was an experience I'll carry with me the rest of my life. In June of 2013 as my personal life began to transition, one of my longtime instructors rose to the occasion and took over Quest. Now in its third incarnation I can see the studio is continuing to expand in amazing ways. All the beauty has been sustained and new life has been added to sweeten the mix. I am so grateful to be able to continue my yoga journey -my Quest- in this beautiful space, teaching both adults and teens. I am thankful to Laura Jensen for that opportunity and to all of the instructors who worked with me during my 6 years as owner. I learned all of the components of teaching when I studied in the city with Johanna Aldrich, Lauren Hanna, and Jonathan Fields. Then, I continued to learn from each of my beautiful instructors their gifts of alignment, sequencing and grace. As I teach today it still sometimes feels like a dream.