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Yin Yoga Teacher Training  
Continuing Education Classes for Yoga Teachers 

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Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours)

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach asana, pranayama and basic meditation. But it doesn’t stop there. This is a comprehensive program that dives into the full range of yoga practice including its ancient traditions and spirituality.

During this course, you will explore cultural, philosophical, scientific, cosmological and mythological roots of yoga and gain insight into the origins and deeper meanings behind yogic practices. This course is designed as a yoga lab where you will experience the four paths of yoga, develop a personal sadhana practice, consider philosophical concepts in your day to day life, and participate in discussions that encourage mindful reflection on yogic observances. The goal of this multi-layered training experience is to enrich, inform, and inspire your teaching and personal practice for years to come. Knowledge gained in this training will distinguish you among yoga teachers, and can lead to many unexpected and exciting new adventures.

"Quest Yoga Arts 200-hour teacher training has been a transformational and amazing experience. Kelly Devi is a true teacher. Her extensive knowledge and passion for the tradition of yoga is evident in just one conversation. The training embodies the true essence and philosophy of yoga, including the mental, spiritual and physical aspects (far beyond what I ever thought “yoga” to be!) Kelly is organized, patient, wise, inspiring and dedicated in preparing her students to succeed in their own personal journey, whatever path that may be. The training exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the vast knowledge I have learned in just a couple of months. This experience has increased my confidence in teaching others and has provided me with tools that will last a lifetime.”  ~Antoinette

"Thank you for such a great experience it was exactly what I was looking for and more! It has already enhanced my personal practice immensely and has helped me to want to break out of my comfort zone and get on the path to becoming the person I ultimately want to be. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and kindness. "



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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Next session begins in April (dates TBA)
Earn 20 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

Yin Yoga is a reflective mind/body practice that targets the connective tissue, joints, meridians (energy channels) and organs of the body. This practice provides an opportunity for a deeper release and transformation of energetic congestion in the body (as a result of held emotions, habitual thought patterns, stress and life experiences).  This training provides a comprehensive understanding of the yin yoga format; its effects on subtle anatomy (koshas and chakras), how to teach and sequence the basic yin poses and how to assist students in finding an appropriate level of safe practice.


Anatomy & Physiology Series
Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

November 2018 - February 2019
Earn up to 15 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

Brush up on your anatomy and physiology knowledge. This is a five-class series (3 hours per session). You do not have to take the entire series to participate.


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Adapting Asana for Moms-to-Be
Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

January 13, 2019
Earn 5 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

Yoga teachers often experience a significant information gap when it comes to guiding pregnant women in regular classes. If you teach yoga to the general population, you need a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy to provide safe and confident instruction. This workshop dispels many  common assumptions and misconceptions held by yoga teachers and provides a much clearer understanding of the needs of pregnant women in every trimester. This workshop, offered under BirthDevi Maternity Services, LLC, is designed to help yoga teachers (and trainees) to become more familiar and confident with the basics of pregnancy and the unique needs of pregnant women. 

“My 200 hour training touched on modifying for prenatal students, but I was never completely confident when a pregnant student came to class. This workshop provided so much insight, not only about modifying poses, but about what questions to ask and what poses to avoid. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago!" ~Debbie

"I not only learned more than I expected, I gained a deeper awareness and ability to modify for pregnancy. As a yoga teacher, the first priority should be to cause no harm. Completely recommend this workshop to all yoga teachers". ~Tina


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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is transformational and will ignite a deep passion for this work. This training offers a well-rounded course that will fully prepare you to confidently teach a safe, mindful and beneficial prenatal yoga class and will open many doors for expanding your skill base.  

If you've been searching for a comprehensive prenatal yoga teacher training, look no further! We have over a decade of experience training prenatal yoga teachers, and over 13 years of experience teaching prenatal yoga, mentoring doulas, supporting births and preparing expecting couples for the journey of labor and parenthood. 

"This Prenatal Teacher Training was a profound and transformative experience for me. My experience was so positive due in large to Kelly's wealth of experience, knowledge and selfless gifts of support and mentoring. Her passion for yoga, women, and birth is infectious. This training is not to be missed". ~Tori

"This Prenatal Teacher Training was an amazing experience in which a community of women came together to develop a deeper knowledge of the birthing process and how yoga has the ability to support a healthy pregnancy and labor.   I now have the tools to help provide women with a way to connect with their baby, their ever changing body, and with each other.  The course forever changed my life, and has opened a new way of thinking for me". ~Jacqui