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January 14, 2018
Adapting Asana for Moms-to-Be
Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers need a basic understanding of pregnancy to provide confident and safe guidance when pregnant women attend regular classes. Many yoga teachers need more information on this topic. Get your questions answered and learn more about the profound changes occurring during pregnancy.

What past participants have said:

“My 200 hour training touched on modifying for prenatal students, but I was never completely confident when a pregnant student came to class. Kelly provided so much insight, not only about modifying poses, but about what questions to ask and what poses to avoid. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago!" ~Debbie

"I not only learned more than I expected, I gained a deeper awareness and ability to modify for pregnancy. As a teacher, the first priority should be like a physician: to cause no harm. Completely recommend this workshop to all yoga teachers". ~Tina


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is transformational and will ignite a deep passion for this work. This training offers a well-rounded course that will fully prepare you to confidently teach a safe, mindful and beneficial prenatal yoga class.  

This training is offered at Quest under BirthDevi Maternity Services, LLC. It  is offered in two parts: Level 1 (covering the basics needed to teach prenatal yoga) and Level 2 (for those wishing to delve deeper into prenatal yoga and earn the RPYT credential). Participants in Level 1 are not obligated to take Level 2, however all Level 2 participants must successfully complete Level 1. 

What graduates from this program have said:

"Prenatal Teacher Training with Kelly was a profound and transformative experience for me. My experience was so positive due in large to Kelly's wealth of experience, knowledge and selfless gifts of support and mentoring. Her passion for yoga, women, and birth is infectious. This training is not to be missed". ~Tori

"Kelly's Prenatal Teacher Training was an amazing experience in which a community of women came together to develop a deeper knowledge of the birthing process and how yoga has the ability to support a healthy pregnancy and labor.  Through Kelly's guidance, I now have the tools to help provide women with a way to connect with their baby, their ever changing body, and with each other.  The course forever changed my life, and has opened a new way of thinking for me". ~Jacqui