Women's Wellness


Fertility Yoga

This class is a nurturing yogic approach incorporating movement, breath, meditation and energetic body work to help reduce stress and increase relaxation to promote fertility. The practice includes movements that increase pelvic circulation and gently massage and encourage energetic flow in pelvic organs and the endocrine system.


Goddess Yoga

This class is an opportunity for women during the perimenopausal and menopausal stages of life to celebrate their inner wise woman. Through a fusion of yin yoga, gentle flows, propped repose and inspiring poetry, we will address the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that impact women at this stage of life. This practice may help to calm common discomforts due to hormonal shifts, gynecological or breast procedures, pelvic issues, thyroid imbalance, shifts in family dynamics that often accompany this time of life, etc. This is a unique women's circle where you can take care of yourself, talk with other women, drink tea and most importantly honor the sacred feminine within.