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Kirtan with Satya Franche

Please join Satya Franche for an evening of meditative chanting that will bring you deeper into the heart-mind connection through the practice of Kirtan (call & response singing).

This is a very powerful and easy way to use sound to help us to connect with the divine energy within both ourselves and others.

Kirtan (“chanting”) is a cross-cultural, participatory experience that originated in India many centuries ago. This musical genre utilizes ancient Sanskrit mantras in a call-and-response format that incorporates the audience right into the performance. The melody and instrumentation begin slowly, increase in intensity and speed as the chant progresses, and slow again at the end of the chant. Often participants will clap hands or use shakers to add to the rhythm and enthusiasm of the chant. Formally a part of bhakti yoga, the devotional path of yoga, and nada yoga, the science of sound & vibration, kirtan is quickly becoming one of the leading forms of participatory world music. Everyone can participate - there are no prerequisites, no special talents or skills, and no religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds that are needed to take part in the kirtan experience.

Donations appreciated.