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Power Animals: Finding Your Spirit Guide

Join us for this special shamanic journey for Power Animal retrieval lead by Celtic Shaman and QiGong Healer, Nadiya Nottingham.

According to Celtic and other ancient traditions, we are all born with a helping animal spirit(s). You may already feel that a particular animal has been helping you and you may have felt this since childhood. In this workshop, as you lay down, a beautiful heartbeat drum will take you on a journey to find your Power Animal guided by Nadiya.

A Power Animal is a guide, protector, a force of nature which may guide you to new self-understanding, help to connect you to other helpers or healing that you may need, and perhaps most profoundly, will give you a sense of having an ally to face post or pre surgery, divorce, moving, death of dear ones or breaking new ground in your life on many levels. Nadiya will help you to understand the meaning of your Spirit Animal and will share her knowledge and stories of how the animals and nature spirits are just waiting for us to “ask” for the help we need.


Pre-registration required.

Later Event: October 14
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