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Candle Meditation for Manifesting Your Goals

From the temples of ancient Greece to the contemporary birthday cake, candles have been used in meditation, ceremony and ritual for as long as they have been around. As many people today turn to alternative forms of spirituality to feel connected to themselves and a higher power, candles continue to play an important role in both personal and group practices. Candles can also hold their own as all-in-one altars when you don’t have the time or space to create something more elaborate for your meditation practice.

In this 3-hour workshop, you will experience how to use candles as a co-creation tool for modern living to support the manifestation of your deepest desires. You will come away inspired to make candles a part of your daily life to consistently activate the energy and mindset that best supports your personal intentions and goals. The group candle meditation during this workshop will ignite the energy that you will continue to work with at home, using the candle you choose. We will also engage in several discussions and activities including:

  • Why a candle is such a powerful tool for co-creation.
  • Writing a clear intention or goal as well as an affirmation to use when you work with your candle.
  • Anchoring exercise to embody how you want to feel each day as you manifest the life you desire.
  • Using gratitude to magnetize and receive the blessings and resources that will help you create what you want.
  • How you can activate and work with the chakras when manifesting, including a moving chakra meditation.
  • How to choose the candle that will best support your special goal or intention.
  • Steps for you to work with your candle at home and continue the momentum started in this group.

Cost of the workshop includes a handmade, essential oil reiki candle of your choosing. Additional candles will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Pre-registration required.
$75 early-bird rate, if registered by October 11th

About Jean:Reiki Master Teacher Jean Bromage has over 14 years of experience helping others to heal their physical and emotional challenges while awakening to their most authentic inner wisdom, creative expression and intuitive sensitivities. Through both her healing work and classes, Jean inspires others to explore the space within that is unshakably whole, healed and complete in order to thrive and meet each day with a renewed sense of love, joy and compassion for themselves and others. Her work with cancer patients not only creates a sacred space for healing but also for cultivating a life-affirming mindset. As a certified Medical Reiki™ Master, she is qualified to be present in the surgical room, offering Reiki to the patient during surgery. Jean’s continued study in the spiritual practice of Buddho meditation with Reiki Master Teacher Patricia Warren brings a unique depth and insight to her work. She received her training in crystal healing from Mika Nelson of the Academy for Healing Arts, and is an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved. Jean is the founder and owner of Reiki Essence Candles, a line of candles infused with the healing light of Reiki. Each time you light a Reiki Essence candle, its luminescence reflects the great Reiki light that resides within each of us.

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