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Tibetan Bowl Sound Journey

Join us for this sound meditation that will help eliminate stress, promote mental clarity, enhance the immune system, raise your vibration and frequency, increase spiritual awareness, activate and heighten consciousness and clears/attunes the chakras. The Tibetan Bowls are a healing modality that have been used for thousands of years. The frequency and vibrations of the bowls can help reduce stress and put the participant into a meditative state. This type of healing is used to promote wellness in the mind, body and spirit. It is said to go down to the cellular level. If you have heard of sound healing and have been curious about it, this is a great opportunity to experience it for yourself.

We will meet as a group and listen to the vibrations of the Tibetan bowls. Chimes, bells and other instruments will also be used. Carol will be toning sounds which are channeled and will activate your energy field to connect with the Divine Presence and to facilitate self-healing. These activations are specific to the group that is present at the time.

NOTE: If you are pregnant or have any implants (other than dental fillings), it is advised that you do not attend this event due to the deep vibrations.

Carol Essig is a professional certified Sound Healer, channel, spiritual teacher and vibrational conduit for the past 15 years. She is known both nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured in several Connecticut newspapers, on radio shows, and over the Comcast Network. She is a Master of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. Carol is multidimensional in her wisdom and has a clear, direct channel. Her approach is simple, but profound with a direct path to the heart. During her sessions she is able to transfer light codes while channeling information from the light and love frequencies of the higher dimensions. This enables her to entrain others to raise their own vibration.