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Animal Communication: What Your Animal Companion Wants You to Know with Intuitive Julie Ulrich

Ever wonder what your animal companion is thinking? Or what he’s trying to tell you through his actions and behaviors? Guess what—you can have a conversation with your cat/dog/horse/bird/goldfish—and they’re just waiting for you to open up and connect with them!

You already know how your animal companion provides you unwavering love. But, did you know that your animal companion also conveys intuitive messages of guidance and support? Learning to intuitively connect to your beloved animal friend can help you to gain a deeper understanding of this special relationship, and what your pet is here to teach you.

Join Intuitive Animal Communicator Julie Ulrich as she helps you understand the fundamentals of communicating with your beloved animal companions:

You will learn:
• How animals communicate intuitively;
• How to get your energy “into the zone” to effectively communicate with your animal;
• How animals teach us lessons through their behaviors

In addition to demonstrating through live readings with some of the workshop participants,
Julie will help you to develop a deeper connection with, and understanding of the animals in
your life.

Julie is a Certified Soul-Level Animal Communicator as well as a Reiki Master Practitioner for
people and animals. Julie received her certification from Danielle MacKinnon’s School of Animal Communication and is currently continuing her studies in the school’s master program. Julie’s favorite thing about being an Intuitive Animal Communicator is that animals come through over and over again with messages of support and guidance for their humans. Through intuitively connecting to you and your pet, Julie’s goal is that you gain an understanding of yourself and your animal, the relationship between the two of you, and what your animal is here to teach you.

Register here: $50

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