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Clarity Breathwork with Anne Margolis

Are you looking for a way to release inner stress, heal old wounds, repressed emotions, and past traumas stored in your body? Many people in today's world are stressed out. Depression and anxiety are all too common, inner stress, emotional pain and trauma lead to energy that gets trapped and stored in our body7. This can lead to physical and mental illness or dysfunction which can cause life and relationship challenges.

Clarity Breathwork is a simple, accessible, yet powerful modality that helps to release the trapped energy inner bodies. Experience a connection to a deeper way of breathing that clears stuck energy and leads to incredible healing.

Register here: $100

Anne Margolis is a mother of 4 who has healed years of childhood and teenage abuse, severe stress, emotional pain, physical pain, tragedy and birth trauma through Clairity Breathwork. Anne is a Registered Nurse, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Nurse Midwife, Prenatal & Postnatal yoga teacher and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.