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SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY CLASS: Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking for Balance and Longevity with Dhokela Yzeiraj

Discover the world of Ayurvedic cooking by learning how to utilize food, oils and spices to create a balanced meal to support all levels of well being that address cravings and maintaining longevity. Topics include applying a Yoga practice in the kitchen, using energy medicine and practices to create sacred atmosphere, listening to body's rhythms and proper food combinations to strengthen agni, or the digestive fire to process food and life. We will explore how the maha gunas, or the three great energies, are represented in food and to bring that into balance with the environment.

Dhokela Yzeiraj is an Ayurvedic teacher, practitioner and yogi farmer.  Born on the mediterranean coast of Albania and raised in the Bronx, she has been naturally attracted to enlivening the connection between spirit and nature wherever she is.  She offers yoga, bodywork, and cooking classes to communities and individuals seeking a simpler and self-responsible approach to health. 


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